2013 Simple City Membership Share

I am excited to announce we are offering 30 vegetable shares for our first season! The deadline for sign up is June 1st. Click here for share application. However, we will only be able to accept the first 30 people who sign up and pay.  All produce in the share is grown on our 1 acre farm just north of downtown Puyallup.

  • The Simple City Farm Member Share is a circular commitment between me, the farmer, and you, the consumer.    When you make a purchase it gets invested, along with my time directly into growing your food.  For your commitment to the farm, you will receive the freshest produce possible, a relationship with your farmer, and a connection to sustaining your local community.  For me and the farm, this subscription takes some of the guess work out of farming allowing me to focus my energy on growing the best possible food for you and my family.
  • Our Share is 22 weeks long, beginning the first week in June and continuing through the last week in October.  We grow a wide variety of vegetables here, everything from lettuce, carrots, beans and peas to tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, and potatoes.  Each week your share will include 7- 10 different items .  The Share can feed a couple or a small family depending on the amount of produce in your diet.  It is also a great deal for people interested in juicing. We don’t offer a smaller size but are encouraging members to team up with another family or friend to split it up.
  • I am including two Simple City Farm Canvas Bags to gather your weekly produce. Pickup will be Tuesdays from 2-6. I will harvest and rinse all produce on Tuesday mornings to insure you are receiving the freshest produce possible. Please contact me if you need to discuss pickup times and dates.

Click Here for Share Application

Terms and Conditions

There are always some risks associated with this model, and farming in general. As all of us are susceptible to Mother Nature’s will, so too are our crops. Supporters of a Membership Share actually assume some of the farmer’s risk. Crops that do well will be abundant in the share, crops that don’t perform as anticipated will be seen less.  However, with so many different vegetable varieties being planted we will maximize our opportunity for success. Members will learn to eat locally and in season and are challenged to cook with what is grown. Once the membership fee is paid the agreement is a partnership for the 2013 growing season.  In return Simple City Farm will provide weekly produce for the length of the agreement

Shares can vary each week due to weather, disease, pests and other natural occurrences. The shares can be smaller in quantity in the spring and increase in abundance during peak harvest times.

There are no refunds offered for a membership once payment has been made, however we do understand that vacations and things happen so we can offer to refund up to 2 weeks for these events. Please give us at least a 2 week notice, or better yet offer those weeks to a family member or friend.

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