About Us

Who we are

Simple City Farm is a Family owned 1 acre farm north of downtown Puyallup.  We believe the way to a happy sustainable life and community begins with the farm.


Our Growing Practices

Simple City Farm uses only certified organic growing practices. We use no synthetic inputs, and build our soil fertility with cover crops and compost. All harvesting, planting and weed control is done by hand. To minimize insect and disease damage we use crop rotation, fabric row cover, and attract beneficial predators with flower plantings. We have chosen not to participate in the USDA Organic certification program, but hold ourselves to a standard we feel is even greater.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Congratulations on this wonderful endeavor! I would love to come see and share your story. At the Tacoma Farmers Market this year we are encouraging and supporting newbie farmers in our neighborhood and would love host you for a grow and tell session :) I know you are busy but lets talk!
    Thank You. Janie

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